Do you guys always separate items?

Yes we do, it is our policy.

How fast is express delivery?

1-4 days depending on the location.

What is the main difference between regular and express delivery?

Excellent Question, Regular delivery can take up to 2 weeks, while Express delivery only takes 1-4 days (Depending on the location)

Do you guys reassemble the items once they arrive?

Absolutely, there are only few items, like washer and dryer that that can not be reassembled due to thee law and customer safety.

What time do you guys arrive?

Usually in the morning so we can carefully take care of your items as soon and as careful as possible.

Do I have to be home?

As long as someone is at your house (18 or older) with your permission, we can start going to work.

How come when I called other companies, they said it takes at least a week for express delivery?

That’s why we take pride of being one of very few (if any) companies, that can take care of a fast and safe delivery.

How well is your staff and how much experience do they have?

Our staff is very professional and our crew has 10-20 years of experience in our field.

First of all I’d like to thank you guys for my move from CA to FL and yes I did see exact same crew from my loading and my unloading. Will it stay like that or will the policies change?

I am very happy to know that you had a great experience with us. The policy will remain the same as promised.

What states do you deliver to?

We deliver to ALL states. (Excluding HI and AK) only.